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on my bookshelf: “celebrate everything” by darcy miller


output_aabsbdOne of the things I’m most excited about in this new blog is being able to spread a little literary love every now and then. (Also, being able to make gifs whenever I please. I can’t stop watching that one up there. HELP.) I studied writing in college and am now a writer by trade, so I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that I love, love, love books. Thick ones, thin ones, gorgeous coffee table ones, big serious ones…you name it. I’ve decided to start a weekly series called “On my Nighstand” where I’ll let you in on the latest cover to grace my (um, DUH) nightstand. And, as is just as often the case: my dining table, my dresser, a very dusty spot under my bed, my closet, my kitchen counter…you get it.

This week’s book was an easy choice: Darcy Miller’s new book, “Celebrate Everything! Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life.” I pre-ordered it months ago and it just arrived in my mailbox today. And I’m in love. In love. While it’s true that I’ve been known to fall prey to the allure of a beautiful coffee table book every now and again — okay, every single time I step into Anthropologie — I am pretty discerning about the particularly special ones I choose to recommend to friends and family. And you.

This is one of those special, recommendation-worthy titles. From the confetti-strewn cover to the artful, playful collages inside, it’s one big party. Which makes sense, since the whole thing’s all about, well, parties. But if you’re expecting something half-baked simply because the subject matter’s fun and light, you’re in for a surprise.

Darcy and her team put so much thought into this. Honestly, it’s encyclopedic. Every umbrella section is organized into dozens of subsections, each peppered with thousands (thousands!) of ideas. For instance, “Party Themes” branches into “nature,” “sports,” “crafts,” “animals,” “movies,” “numbers,” “letters,” “colors,” etc., and each of these branches out into their own set of subtopics.

Then there are hundreds of pages of budget and expense helpers, invitation inspiration, DIY decor ideas, recipes, favors, questionnaires, sources…I mean, if I go through the entire book, we’ll be here all day. It’s encyclopedic. There’s even a “Thank you note ABC’s” section.

But my favorite has to be the bar-style setup checklist (pages 84-85), which essentially names every single type of bar party you could have (kebab bar, pizza bar, waffle bar, cereal, baked potato bar, antipasti ba, mezze bar, bagel bar…YOU GUYS).

Lest I continue to list things inside parentheses for all of eternity, I’ll conclude with this: If you’re a party-styling enthusiast, you need this book. It’ll make you happy. It’s beautiful and colorful and fabulous. But more than anything, it’s useful.

I’m calling it right now: This is the new entertaining bible. Read on, party on, and stay inspired.

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