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baked banana boats


Does anyone else remember BANANA BOATS!? Those chocolate-y, marshmallow-y, banana-y packets of deliciousness you’d always unwrap way too early (*without* your camp counselor’s help, of course) and have to throw back in the fire while clutching your now-swollen hand?

Yes. Those banana boats. [Insert heart-eyes emoji HERE.]

Burnt fingers notwithstanding, those things were the absolute best.

For the uninitiated, “banana boats” are a beloved camping dessert, most likely because they’re portable and require very little clean-up, but also because they are plain old delicious. Basically, you make a slit in a banana peel, add chocolate and marshmallows and whatever else you want, wrap the whole thing in tinfoil, and then throw the whole package into the campfire to toast up. SIGH.

Anyway, as the dog days of summer recede, I keep finding myself reminiscing about my summer camp days…and, naturally, about banana boats. In fact, I was thinking about them so much, I decided to recreate them in my apartment, sans campfire. And—though I know it’s a bit blasphemous—sans marshmallows, too.

Why, you ask, would I desecrate such a time-tested recipe? Well, mostly because Shape Magazine asked me to. I mean, sorry, but that’s the honest truth. As you may be aware—especially if you read my blog regularly (hi, Mom)—I develop healthy recipes for the mag on a weekly basis, and the thing about healthy recipes is that they aren’t usually conducive to, like, marshmallows.

But guys, seriously, even if I weren’t being paid to make them this way, I’d still eschew the marshmallows for the stuff I added in instead. So, there.

Anyway, you can find my lighter, healthier, non-campfire version below. I hope you love it. I do. Just remember that even without the fire, the aluminum foil gets pretty darn hot, so learn from 11-year-old Rebekah’s mistake and wait a bit for the packets to cool before prying them open. Otherwise, [insert very sad emoji here].

Baked Banana Boats

What You’ll Need

  • 4 large, ripe bananas, unpeeled
  • 3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • Lighter toppings of your choosing (unsweetened granola, dried cranberries, unsweetened flaked coconut, raspberries, blueberries, nuts, etc.)

What You’ll Do

  1. Place bananas on a baking sheet lined with four 10-inch squares of aluminum foil. Using a knife, make a slit in the middle of each banana peel until you reach the banana itself, and leave about 1/4 inch intact at both ends of the fruit. Crumple the foil up and around each banana to keep it in place and to ensure that it doesn’t tip over once filled with toppings.
  2. Fill each banana “slit” with a handful or so of chocolate chips, then add whatever other toppings you desire. Fold the foil over the top of the banana so that the whole fruit is concealed. Bake at 400° for 10 minutes, then remove from the oven and let cool slightly before enjoying (the foil may be hot—be careful!) (NO BUT REALLY BE CAREFUL).

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