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girl crush: cleo abram


happy tuesday!

today, i’m super excited to be kicking off a fun new series on my youtube channel called “girl crush,” where i’ll be featuring women who have incredible career stories and asking them to chat a bit about how they got to where they are today.

cleo abram is my first guest (and a close friend!). she’s vox’s manager of new products, and she’s also the founder of a fantastic political newsletter called “the short version.” oh, and she’s a model. so, um, SHE’S KILLING IT. i loved loved loved what she had to say about finding a passion. and about the problem with super-specific life plans. and about why pining for a certain job title might not be the best idea.

basically, i loved all of her advice and found it pretty applicable to my own career. and i think (or hope, at least!) you will, too.

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in cleo’s words…

“the better way to think about this is to find an obsession. so, i would rather say, ‘find your obsession’ than ‘follow your passion.'”

“the types of people that i like to be around are people who are obsessed with a question or a problem or a set of skills that they want to develop, and that just feels different than saying ‘this is what you already now your passion should be.”

“you can take some of the pressure off yourself to have planned exactly what you want to be doing in ten years. i got some really good advice recently, which was that if you plan out ten years in advance, the worst thing that could happen is that you get it right and that is actually where you are in ten years. you’re gonna be operating in a business world or in a media world that is ten years behind. and you will have identified that job, but, like, that job won’t be the most important job anymore, or it won’t be the best job for you…”

“that has been really important to me…to identify skills as opposed to jobs that i want. you don’t have to feel like you innately have some, like, pull toward some specific goal. the skillset is the path.”

skip to the good stuff

1:08 – cleo’s introduction
5:09 – thoughts on side projects
6:03 – the magical 36th coffee date
7:45 – “it’s not that you can survey the world…”
8:21 – how do you find your passion?
9:18 – don’t find your passion! find your obsession!
9:45 – “you *have* passion, but you *get* obsession.”
11:27 – just say no to 10-year plans
12:33 – thoughts on MODELING

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