bachelorette welcome bag ideas!


i made these fun welcome bags for my sister’s bachelorette weekend and had to share. you can find all the details and shopping links below! (or you can just watch me wax incoherent in the video above. either/or.) of course, if you’re making these yourself, feel free to get creative and add/remove whatever so that it fits the feel of your party weekend. xx

  • the bag! i can’t say enough good things about PCB Home, the company where i found these adorable totes. i actually happened upon the store by chance while searching around for bags on etsy, and fell in love with their particular brand of calligraphy. i found a listing for “best day ever” bags and messaged the store owners to ask if it’d be possible to change the text to “best weekend ever.” they responded really quickly and offered a custom listing for $15 (added to the entire order, not to each bag) with 1 proof included. that proof came within just a few days, and my totes arrived a few days later. i love them! so i got 7 of those, and then i got one “totes gettin’ married” bag for abigail.
  • an itinerary! personally, i get soooo excited for vacations and i always want to know exactly what i’ll be doing every single minute of my day. in other words…spontaneity, schmontaneity. (i am so fun.) with that in mind, i wanted each girl to have an itinerary waiting for her! i just typed one up on a google doc (google docs have the best fonts) and included a listing of each day’s events, our airbnb address (for ubering purposes!), the wifi password, everyone’s cell numbers and instagram handels, plus my sister’s wedding hashtag. …can you tell i take instagram sort of seriously? i take instagram sort of seriously. then i printed the whole thing at staples on ultra-thick cardstock for 12 cents a page, added a pink border with construction paper and a glue stick, and added it to my bag stash.
  • ring pops! i bought ring pops in bulk from amazon because, you know, WEDDING! and then, just to spiff them up a bit, i unwrapped each of them and immediately put them into food-safe cellophane bags from paper source (i actually keep these in my apartment at all times because they’re such an easy to gussy up a super-small, inexpensive gift) and secured with the tie that came with the bags. i realize that i essentially took ring pops out of a plastic bag and put them into another plastic bag. but. well, it’s a cuter plastic bag.
  • lip balm! i love this fresh sugar lip treatment in petal. it’s just a higher quality than any old drugstore lip balm, so they’ll actually want to use it, and the packaging is super cute.
  • flash tats! i found these ones on etsy and they’re super cute. you can pick 16 from a ton of different wedding-themed designs, so for me, that meant i could give each girl 2 tats.
  • confetti! i got these multicolor confetti bombs from my favorite party supply store, knot & bow (they’re based in brooklyn but you can shop on their site) in “tiny rainbow.” makes a fun, festive addition to each bag.

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