coconut cold brew popsicles


I don’t drink coffee (just never got into it!), but if I did, this is how I’d take it: Brewed cold, thickened with coconut milk, and frozen. Pure, summery, caffeinated bliss on a stick.

I actually had several of these—like, three or okay fine FIVE—and it was a pretty revelatory experience. Revelatory and also a little bit jittery and probably partly responsible for a series of over-excited emails I sent to my editor over at Shape. WHOOPS. (Hi, Kylie!)

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red, white & boozy fruit salad


It’s almost the Fourth—yay! And after all the barbecued kabobs, hotdogs, and burgers, you’ll prooobably be left yearning for something to sweeten the deal. You could, of course, opt for a flag cake or a tray of cupcakes. But if you’re hoping to counteract all of that red meat with some lighter fare…I suggest you make this.

(Also, sorry for all the flag cake hate in my recent posts. I actually love flag cakes. For real. I’ll probably even make one this weekend.)

Anyway. This is a red, white and “Boozy” salad (get it?!?) I threw together for Shape Magazine. I don’t have a lot to say about because, I mean, it’s a fruit salad. It’s so easy to throw together—yes, even that fancy-looking apple garnish. And before you start making excuses…I don’t own a star cookie cutter, either! I just used a knife and freehanded it.

And it looks fine. Right? Right.

But you could totally use a cookie cutter for more precise results.

Find the recipe below!

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3-ingredient salad dressings


We’ve all been there. We eat a glorious, healthy-looking salad for dinner, and expect the universe to reward us for our efforts by turning us into Wonder Woman. Like. Is that really so much to ask?

But then, as we’re crawling into bed just a few hours later, we feel a little less like Wonder Woman…and a little more like Wonder Woman’s sidekick, Etta Candy, who is remembered among comic book fans for her, um, love of candy (and her shouts of “For the love of chocolate!”)


Why is it that even on some of our healthiest, most salad-filled, no-cheat days, we wind up feeling like we just ate a triple-tiered ice cream cone with the works? The culprit, ladies, is more likely than not the dressing, which is typically loaded up with sugar.

But never fear: Healthy dressing ideas to the rescue!!!!!! (It is very possible that I saw Wonder Woman this weekend and really loved it.) I developed the following recipes for Shape Magazine, and not only are they sugar-free; they also only require 3 ingredients each. And sometimes that third ingredient is water. Couldn’t be easier.

For the record, Etta Candy is a pretty awesome character. But you’re not sidekick material, my friend. You. Are. A. Superhero. Now go make some salad.

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dark chocolate watermelon popsicles


(quick note! this is a recipe i developed for shape magazine. you can find it over on, too!)

it’s summaaaa!!! and i am LOVING IT. it’s watermelon season. the good news about everyone’s favorite picnic staple is that it’s mostly water—somewhere around 92 percent of it, actually. but it’s (somehow!) still packed with a few good-for-you nutrients like vitamin a and vitamin c. it even has a tiny bit of potassium, too.

here’s one way that’ll allow you to get your watermelon fix and some healthy dark choc, too. these pops would make a stunning addition to any al fresco dinner party, or you can just eat ’em after work as a guilt-free snack. they’d probably also be a hit with kids, who’d be just as happy toting these around as they are toting around those refined-sugar-filled supermarket versions.

also, the chocolate drizzle is super easy to make. the addition of coconut oil turns what would be plain-old chocolate sauce into something like the “magic shell” syrup you might remember from your childhood. when it hits the frozen exterior of the popsicle, it hardens really, really quickly. woot!

video coming soon. in the meantime, you can find the recipe below or over at! and here’s a link to the popsicle mold i used, in case you should have any desire to purchase it. (it’s great!)

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strawberry-cauliflower smoothie bowl

(quick note! this is one of the first recipes i’ve developed for shape magazine. so many thanks to the team at shape for the opportunity to contribute healthy recipes!)

ok. i know what you’re thinking. cauliflower? in a smoothie bowl?! really? 

i know this because a) i had a similar initial reaction when i first saw these veggie smoothies floating around on instagram, and b) my sister nearly had a heart attack when i told her i’d be making a video about these guys.

but you’ve got to admit that as far as veggies go, cauliflower is a pretty non-offensive one. it’s white, it’s relatively bland, and when you whip it up in a smoothie, you can barely taste it. actually, I’d go so far as to say you can’t taste it at all. besides, the whole fruit smoothie craze has been pretty much maxed out at this point, and i have a feeling veggie-based smoothies are the next food trend frontier. since it may not be long before your go-to drink spot is doling these out by the dozen (and your friends are subsequently instagramming them like their lives depend on it), you might as well get a headstart at home.

right? right.

plus, as unappetizing as a cauliflower smoothie might sound at first, when you really think about it, the idea of a veggie smoothie really isn’t that out-there. you probably already order kale smoothies on the reg, don’t you? and occasionally add in some avocado (okay, avocado is technically a fruit, but you get the idea)? you’ve taken the baby steps; now, take a full leap.

if you’re still not convinced, the good news is that this particular recipe does involve some fruit, and there’s even a little bit of sweetener in the form of honey. yay! 

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What to Cook

how to host a hamantaschen party


I’m just gonna say it: Nobody. Likes. Hamantaschen.

Why not, you lucky, uninitiated few ask? Well, to put it politely, they’re dry and crumbly and they lack sweetness. And to put it less politely, THEY TASTE LIKE SAND. (No offense to sand.)

Just take my word for it. They’re to be avoided at all costs.

But these ones — the ones I introduce you to in the video above and the recipe below — are different. No, really. I promise! They’re loaded with more butter, for one thing. And a generous coating of egg wash makes them more reminiscent of a flaky French pastry than the hard-as-rocks cookie you remember from your Hebrew school days. Last but certainly not least, the dried fruit fillings of your nightmares have been replaced with flaked coconut, caramel, chocolate chips, and all sorts of other deliciousness.


If that’s not enough to get you excited about hamantaschen, invite some friends over and see if you can rediscover the traditional cookie’s magic together. Or, well, discover it for the first time. Either/or. Click here to find my full how-to for throwing your very own hamantaschen-baking party over at (more on that in the video above!).

And as always…subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

Happy Purim, everyone!

xx R

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